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HoboWars is a popular free online game where you play as a hobo and compete against thousands of players from around the world to become one of the strongest and richest hobos in the city. It is played directly from your browser and is totally free. You can fight other hobos, train, join a gang, explore, race in your very own shopping cart, own and train rats, beg for money, complete fun adventures, and heaps more!

Create your hobo and play today!


A battle with The Marshmallow Man.

Mmmmmm Booze

Purchase and consume delicious alcohol. Try combinations to make some Mixed Drinks.

Come at me bro!

Use weapons and armor to get bonuses in fights.

Weapons & Armor

Harder to find equipment will also give your hobo stats a bonus.

Suicide Hill

Buy a trolly cart and race. The more you win the better upgrades you can get.

Not even a pretty face

With a head like yours you'd better have something to offer. Train your stats at the University to become unstoppable.

Where am I?

Adventure to find special items and unlock new areas.

Ahhhh a rat!

Best friends of the enterprising gentleman. Capture and train your own rat army to help out in fights.

No tramp-stamps allowed.

Throw on a temporary tattoo and boom! Instant street cred.