About Us

The Game

HoboWars is a role-playing game where you play as a hobo and compete against thousands of players from around the world. It is played directly from your browser and is totally free. You can fight other hobos, train, join a gang, race in your very own shopping cart, own and train rats, beg for money, complete fun adventures and heaps more!

What does it cost?

It's free! You can buy "points" and "Donator Packs" using real money but that is totally optional. All game areas are accessible to players who choose not to pay.

The Company

HoboWars is owned, developed and managed by HellBored Entertainment, an Australian company (ACN 111 157 852). You can find out more about the company by going to the About page.

The Staff

Game Developers
• Andy
• (Pieman) Dagz
Vice Ministers:
• (Pieman) plůginbábɣ
Message Boards & Chat Staff
• ferda the gnome.🍄
• |SiN|Dorothyღ
• Play_With_My_Gizmo
• |δiN| JaNEy💋
• |54| Woodie